Pedal Drive Kayaks from Hobie

New to Sunrift this season is a range of pedal drive kayaks which allow you to go hands-free as your navigate the waters from Hobie®. Most people are familiar with Hobie Cat catamarans, however their product range includes surfboards, stand up paddleboards, sit on top kayaks, sailboats and now their pedal drive kayak & fishing collection.

About Hobie Watercraft

The brand Hobie ® originated from an idea, all the way back in the 1950’s – to use light and buoyant balsa wood, in place of heavier denser woods, revolutionizing surf board design. Hobie Alter’s, (the founder of Hobie Cat), quest for fun & to provide people with a ‘toy and giving them a game to play with it’ lead to him develop Hobie® Surfboards, creating the process of foam & fiberglass surfboards in 1958. Through his innovative thought and the drive to turn an idea into a reality, Hobie Alter changed the face of water sport altogether.

Its in this spirit that Hobie® has continued to dominate the water-sport industry. With cutting edge products and materials such as the coveted Hobie 33 ULDB (ultra light displacement boat), Hobie has continued to develop exciting new ways to enjoy the waters, no matter where you are!

Have the Best On-the-Water Experience Yet

What Hobie’s passion is to design watercraft that give people unforgettable on-the-water experiences whether you are kayaking, fishing or simply enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the lake. For Hobie this starts with locomotion. Gone are the days of splashing through the water with only paddles, why not have the option to go hands-free and take advantage of leg power which is infinity more efficient?

This simple question resulted in Hobie’s peddle-drive system, called MirageDrive, a hands-free, forward-reverse pedal propulsion system. Hobie’s R&D department looked to nature for help with their design, they studied how penguins swim. The efficient fin stroke was the perfect solution to powering your kayak.  

Hobie’s Mirage kayaks & fishing boats not only give you a smooth and efficient ride they host many other innovative features and accessories that make them world-renowned. From easy access in-hull storage, fingertip rudder control to the super comfy seating with adjustable Vantage CT Seating for your kayak, that’s even removable for use on the beach!

Watch Mirage Drive in action:


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