Urban Paddling: Three spots within 8 miles of downtown Greenville

Reedy River from Cedar Lane Road:

Within a few hundred yards downstream you will encounter the first rapids, which I call “Couch Rapids” because of the old brown couch that used to sit on a rock in the middle of the run. This is about a class 1-2, as are most of the other runs on this section of the river, with two notable exceptions in Reedy River Falls Park. If you are paddling quietly as you approach downtown you may see ducks, various songbirds, amphibians, etc. I once had two otters slide down the bank and swim under my canoe about a half mile above the Peace Center. After portaging, put in below the falls and run down to the smaller falls in Reedy River Falls Park. The next rapid is at Church Street and is about a class two. The rest of the ride is fairly calm as you go through Cleveland Park. You can take out near the doggie park and volleyball nets, or go on down past Greenville Tech and through the golf course to South Pleasantburg at the Haynesworth Law Firm, or even all the way down to the bridge at I-85. The waste treatment plant is below I-85, so I would not recommend going much further.

Saluda Lake:

This is a privately owned landing and parking costs around $5.00, but that price covers a bass boat and trailer or a whole car covered in kayaks. They have docks, a parking area, a ramp, and a small bait/ice cream/snack bar type store. The landing is the only legit put-in point on this lake unless you have a friend who is a resident. From the landing you can paddle off to the left and hit the big water and head down toward the dam. I prefer to head around to the right and go up the Saluda River past the Hwy.183 bridge for a good distance. A lot of the coves and side channels in this direction are silted in from years of upstream developments, so there aren’t many power boats and you can poke around at your leisure. On the brushcovered silt islands you can see various waterfowl, great blue herons, red-winged blackbirds, hawks, etc. I have also seen beavers out in the open water occasionally. A nice place to take the family for the day.

Oak Grove Lake:

This is a public fishing lake run by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Even though this is a very small lake it’s a good place to go and throw aboat in just to try it out or have a morning or evening cup of coffee while just drifting.

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