Birding at Rabun Bald, GA

At 4,696 feet, Rabun Bald is only Georgia’s second tallest mountain (the tallest is Brasstown Bald at 4,784 feet) but it has one of the best views from tBird imagehe summit in all of Georgia (yes, even better than Brasstown Bald). In addition, very few people visit this area, which helps to preserve the beauty of the area, emphasizes the wildness of the area, and makes for even better birding. There are several species here that breed only at the highest elevations in the state, including the Canada Warbler, the Common Raven, and Broad-winged Hawks. This is also the southern limit of the breeding range for Least Flycatchers.
From your car, at about 4000 feet, you should be able to pick out several birds, such as Ovenbirds, Warblers, Veeries, Juncos, Tanagers, and Vireos. Take the wide trail to the right past the sign (actually a Forest Service road) and through an open hardwood forest. Most of the key species are closer to the top but there are good birds to observe all along the road, including Roughed Grouse, Canada Warblers, and Winter Wrens, which should be reported to the RBA is sighted. After about a mile, the road narrows into a trail for the remaining 0.5 mile to the observation tower at the top of Rabun Bald. The observation tower is a great place to look for hawks and vultures.

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